2D design: An alternative to Adobe Photoshop



I thing , Many people needs an alternative to photo shop so badly and of course i am one of them.
Thanks for your time
Sincerely Yours :slight_smile:.


You’re welcome!


Best alternative to Photoshop for free -depending on your needs- are GIMP , Krita , Paint.NET.


Didn’t know about Krita. Looks really good and allows to use non-destructive editing, but seems to lack good Text editing tools.

As I’ve heard Affinity Photo is the best alternative right now. Last I checked they had only a Mac version.

And right as I was typing I checked again and… woohoo!!
Testing the trial now https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/

Having tested it for half an hour I can say that I’m seriously impressed. Was able to handle all raster and vector drawing and editing tasks I normally do in PS. And it being only 55 Eur I can just say… BYE BYE ADOBE, it was nice knowing you!


the most professional but still payable alternative is probably PhotoLine f. Windows & Mac OS.


Affinity Photo does a pretty good job and won’t break the bank.


You can get Photoshop CS2 for free. Its old but it has most of the “core bones” that the newest versions have.


Hi there.

This page can help you to find alternative applications:

If you’re looking for a free alternative with almost photoshop features I think Gimp is the only software that can face Photoshop (for free).

Anyway on that page you can apply a filter looking for specific types of license or platforms, and check how many likes they have.

For vectorial draws I like Inkscape.


Simple, free : fotosketcher


I use Paint.net nearly every day! Great program for the simpler tasks like cropping, resizing and basic drawing. Also extremely user friendly without any excess features, a bit like a SketchUp for 2D raster images.


It’s unfortunate that looks like hyperlink and directs to an irrelevant paint company :sweat_smile:
They probably forgot to renew domain name at some point :upside_down:


this is a replacement CS2 for people who originally paid for CS or CS2. The replacement is needed because the original no longer installs properly (shut down of orig. activation server). You must have a valid CS/CS2 license to use it legally.

Besides of this, CS2 is an ancient software, seriously outdated, which will probably not properly install or run with recent operating systems.


seems to be not a full-blown image editor but limited to applying effects.


Yeah, sometimes , it is all a picture needs…


It works great on Windows 10


I read already of crahes during launch if DirectX support of graphics driver not sufficient and touch screens with pen support don’t work… but regardless of this it’s still no freeware and requires a valid license for being legal.


Re MIke Wayzofski’s recommendation for Fotosketcher this was recommended by DaveR in response to a previous question I posted on this forum. I never got around to trying and was going to download it this week and give it go. However I note that it before you click download you agree to allow it to change your toolbars etc. I am also a bit concerned about what else may be being loaded onto my computer. I would like to give it a go but could I be assured by the experts here that all will be well on my system and I am nit downloading trackers or similar that I am unaware of. Apparently this extra stuff can be removed once the download is complete but I wouldn’t know if it would affect the performance of the programme or how to do it. Otherwise the reviews were very positive.
Forgive me if it is a daft question but I am not as familiar with how these things work in the background and am therefore cautious.


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