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Hi all…any idea how I can get rid of the red line around the photo and why are my 2 rectangles see through? I’d love to be able to show the addition and have it be solid with the photo.

You can make adjustments in the Styles window but from what I can see in the screen shot you don’t havethe existing building drawn. If you do that, you can project the image to it as a texture. Them make the photo itself invisible by editing the style.

I found found it…this little guy right here…uncheck it… Foreground Photo!
However the red line still stays…UGH!!!

Notice in the style manager how the “Locked” objects color is red ?

Imported images are a special kind of component that is locked by default. So when you click on locked objects the selection highlighting will be red instead of blue (or whatever colors you’ve set your style to use for normal “Selected” and “Locked” objects.)

I haven’t used Photo Match much but if the red lines re indeed a the selection outline of a locked image entity you should be able to simply click besides it with select tool to deselect it.

Match Photo images display the red border even when nothing is selected. And it is not an entity that can be unlocked. Changing the color of locked entities has no affect on imported Match Photo images.

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