Photomatch Issue from Robbie in NY

Hi everyone, I finally got SU Pro 2023, but can’t seem to get the photomatch working properly. I need to photomatch this Library for a sketch of the sign I will be installing on the shaded side of the yard. With mt SU 2020, all I did was bring in photo to match, adjust the axis points and then project the photo onto the geometry. It seems to have changed. There used to be a “done” button, but it is nowhere to be found. So I clicked anywhere and the axis disappeared, leaving me with wild rectangles that used to be steady in my old version. I also was unable to project the building image onto a barely basic shape so I could rotate it a little bit to fit the model of the lawn sign I need to insert into the geometry. I almost feel like I should have been happy with my SU 2020, but they removed the 3D

Take care and enjoy the Super Bowl. I hope to get my render done so I can enjoy the game too. Thanks to the pros at Sketchup!

The image looks like it should be fairly easy to PhotoMatch, but has it been cropped or perspective corrected? I don’t know of any changes to the functionality for the latest few versions of SketchUp.

Thankyou for the fast response Anssi. The photo hasn’t been changed. It’s just a snapshot of an antique postcard. I am not trying to make a detailed Photomatch, just a basic one that I can project the photo on it a rotate a few degrees in different directions so that the lawn sign I am proposing looks realistic. As I had said, I see no “done” button nor can I find the “project model on geometry” button. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Anssi

3D model > sgl-02.skp (457.3 KB)

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That may create a problem, if the original has been cropped or corrected. That may have moved the position of the optical center of the photo away from the midpoint of the image.

MiHai…I should be able to work with that. I’d sure like to know why they changed everything so much. I even have to relearn every tool. But your help was invaluable and very much to be thankful for.
Robbie in NY

I’m not aware of them really changing anything with this feature, but I’m on a Mac and 2022 not 2023, so I can’t say for sure. What happens when you right click in a Match Photo scene? Anything like these?

Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 11.14.48 PM

Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 11.15.20 PM

One thing to be sure of is that the origin needs to be in the picture somewhere. Not usually a problem with a new file and the first picture, but can come up with multiple pictures or just the right circumstances.

I just showed that it works in SketchUp 2022, similar to SketchUp 8. The photo is set, you just delete the current model and create your new model as you need. I used the 11 steps at the entrance, each 15 cm step, and that’s how I set the scale of the model.

Mihai…I have a reasonable I idea here (with your generous help, showing the proposed new lawn sign. The scene rotates, enabling me to show off the sign in its best light. I only have 2 issues. The “peak” area has some confusing lines on and around it, eliminating the possibility of me featuring the entire scene. The other issue is probably just simple stupidity on my part. I cannot find the MENU for the paint brush tool. So I am unable to add grass, color or textures to anything. I tried for 2 hours to find the colors/materials dialogue with no luck. Your help have given me hope that I may be able to send out the proposal on Monday. Anything you can do/recommend, I am all eyes. Thankyou Mihai
SKP for Sjetchup help 09 February 2024.skp (394.2 KB)

Updated model (the entourage: streets, alleys, are drawn as close as possible to the satellite image, but the whole model is in the metric system - cm)

sgl-04_web.skp (1.5 MB)

Go to for learning about groups, components, tags, etc…

Look at Window > Default Tray > Materials

Thankyou Mihai…Can you send it as an .skp file? I still have to add one more structure that is currently on the lawn. After that I will bring it into Photoshop to remove unwanted lines that are (I think) phone wires. I will be sending you a copy of the finished product if you like. I am far from a pro at Sketchup, but I love the program and learn more and more from pros like you. Oh, and I still can’t find the Paint Bucket dialogue box, so I cannot add grass, colors, materials…etc… I’m sure it’s somewhere, but I have spent 2 hours and it is no where to be found. Thankyou for your time, advice and courtesy. Robbie

Try View > Toolbars… > Getting Started

or click B on your keyboard.