Photo shop to illustrator

Hello, does anyone have illustrator ?
I have a photoshop image I want to import to sketchup without much luck in other ways… and I suck at tracing.

What’s the question you are looking for? If you open a PSD in illustrator it won’t convert from Raster to Vector

I’m wanting to bring my Photoshop image to sketchup, I can export from photoshop to w.e format for illustrator so that it can then be made a dxf/dwg.

If you just need something converted you can post it here as long as it does not need any tidying up or ordering.

It’s a vector image or suppose to be im told, what format should I upload? (1.2 KB)

That seemed to work: Illustrator exported to DWG, and then imported to SketchUp. Retrace one edge to make the face. Push-pull and smooth the sides.
FinalShape [Converted]_8.skp (158.0 KB)

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Ahh beat me too itFinalShape [Converted].dwg (7.7 KB)


I also brought it into PowerCADD just as a test, but it didn’t seem to need further work out of Illustrator.

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This is an Adobe Illustrator file. You can tell because the suffix is .ai, which stands for Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop files end with .psd. Photoshop is not the right tool for the job here.

I didn’t know That, cool

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Is powercad hard to learn?

PowerCADD is easy to get started in compared to most CADD programs. It’s so similar to Illustrator, that anyone familiar with that can probably start drawing right away. It’s Macintosh only (no Windows version) and the base package is still priced at $995, so not cheap either. I bought it 30 years ago, and it’s just been incremental upgrades since then for me.

Hmm, I guess I’ll start with a new computer first.
I want to learn sketchuo, cad and the basics and I enjoy working with them.

I was surprised I opened the skp and liamk887 file in sketchup 2014 without even thinking and they worked haha

Now, try to draw the wheels of your Camper, yourself!
Hit ‘C’
Place center of circle
Move mouse, along red,green or blue axe
Hit enter

For me, I learn best by doing, asking others to do it for me, puts myself in a very dependent situation.

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That’s a good idea, I have learned my old computer likes sketchup 2014 best or the web version both are throwing me off abit as to how or where things are.