Photo Matching Letterbox Remains

I mistakenly added a Photo Match to my model. Quickly realizing my error, I removed it (Undo to the rescue) but the letter-box format of the image remains as an overlay. Short of Copying all the other elements of the drawing and pasting into a new file, how do I remove this artifact?

Pro 2022 on Win11. i7 CPU w/16G RAM

By “letterbox” do you mean gray areas on the sides? Did you already have a scene established? Clicking on the scene tab seems to take care of the problem for me. The Match Photo scene is eliminated in the Revert action.

BTW, Undo didn’t eliminate the match photo image but Revert did.

I had not created any Scenes yet. Revert came up as an option but had no effect. I did end up simply Selecting All elements and just pasted into a new file. Thanks for the visual!

It’s funny, but I just found myself in this situation a couple days ago and not sure how. I didn’t import any new Match Photos like you did, but maybe by creating a new scene while in an existing Match Photo scene (which copies it’s properties)? I really don’t remember what I did that ended up here or whether I can repeat it or not. I ended up using Time Machine to restore an earlier version of the file and going back to it. I have since found if I orbit out of a Match Photo scene before creating a new scene, it seems to make a normal (i.e. not Match Photo) type of scene, but those scenes I made somehow with safe bars, orbiting won’t loose them.

Have you tried reset Camera in the ACT settings.

When I tried this before recording the gif Reset was grayed out.

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Hmm, I was able to do that. I don’t think I called on ACT, and hadn’t created an ACT camera, but it certainly looks like ACT, and I was able to use the Reset Camera command.

I think the different angle of view despite the reported focal length is part of a bug I tried reporting on, and didn’t get much attention for, but I’m not absolutely sure yet.

Safe Frame is also in V-Ray.

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I have V-Ray and I was originally wondering if it caused it. I did do V-Ray renderings with this model.

I have Vray but have it not set to load only on demand. It wasn’t loaded when I made my gif.