Phantom 3 3D Modeling: Main Frame

Hi, I’m trying to build a Phantom 3 Professional using Sketchup Make. I have built the bottom “legs” but I can’t figure out a way to build the main body+arms which support the propellers. The camera doesn’t matter in my case as I won’t build it, but rather just borrow from the 3D Warehouse. I have kept in mind that you can use the Follow Me Tool to build intricate and round objects, but I am not very familiar with the tool. It seems to be really hard to build a cone-type shape that can act as the arms. Much help would be appreciated as I don’t have much time.

A cone can be made several ways. Most simply, make a cylinder and scale down the face at one end.

Now as for the rest, someone has to break down your problem into bite-sized pieces so they can be addressed systematically. Were you thinking someone else should do that for you? If you’re hoping someone will simply offer to make your model for you, I’d put the chances of that between slim and none.


Thank you for that tip but no, I do not expect anyone to model the entire thing-I was just looking for some helpful tips which can help me to visualise how I can build the “main frame” as I can’t figure out an effective and quick way to model it.


First thought the item parts were made by injection molding. & perhaps soap skin and bubble plugin may help. In addition check out Capinc at who post a number of videos that may give you some ideas. You’ll have to browse their support posts. I don’t have specific link for you. :frowning:

Thank you, and I will check out Capinc, but what is injection molding, soap skin, and bubble plugin?
Is this in Sketchup Make? Thank you.:slight_smile:


I wasn’t sure what parts were the cones you refer to … this picture clarified things for me:

This looks like an ideal candidate for SubD :slight_smile:

Injection molding is a manufacturing method of making parts of items you probably use very day. It consists of injecting liquid plastic into a mold under about 2 tons of pressure to make small plastic parts and they are used in everday uses: cars; mowers; appliances etc …etc. Soap skin and bubble is a SU plugin you have to install. It is free and is based on tensile structures and allows you to distort a mesh. It is not native to SU make or PRO.

Good for some suggestions ?

Wow thank you so much for introducing this. I checked it out and it was really cool. I think it will definitely help me when I build the main frame of the quad-copter.

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How does SubD work in SketchUp?


Yeah, I think I should base my design off of other people’s quad-copters.

Quick check with soap,skin and bubble. I would probably use in on some selected individual parts vs whole model so more control over local profiles. At least for engine mounts

and main fuselage

Oh, ok thank you.


It’s not free ($40) … however, I played around with the 30-day trial version and can see some possibilities for your model.

There’s some examples here:

and here:

Another vote for using SUbD, it’s an ideal subject.


Wow, this is pretty cool.
If the 30 day trial is over for SubD, would you not be able to use the tool ever again?


Like any trial, once it’s over you either buy it or don’t use it again.

Just a question but how did you create the side faces so that they protrude towards the “legs” in a very curved manner?
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U can try with “Loop Subdivision Smooth Plugin” it works same and its free

@atek : The script does not yet handle rings, toruses, or shapes with holes !