Help with modelling this bird

Hi everyone! I’m trying to model a bird that looks like the ones on this wall:

So far I’ve used SketchUp for relatively simple and straight models (e.g. furniture, house), so this is quite a big step for me. I’m looking for guidance how you would approach modelling this and which plugins could help me achieve this.

What I’ve tried so far: making the spheres for the head and body was relatively easy, I got stuck making the wings. I made a sandbox mesh in the form of the wing from a top-down view. The idea was to smoove it into shape, but it’s not turning out great :sweat_smile: There’s probably a better way.

Thank you in advance!

Your profile indicates you are using the free web version. Is that correct?

Do you have any closer views of these birds?

I’m actually using the trial version of SketchUp Pro.

I currently don’t have a better photo of the birds, but I could make one in the next few days if it would help.

That’s not the “Free Plan” then. It’s Pro. Please correct your forum profile as that information helps us help you if it actually pertains to the version you are using. It let’s us know what tools you have available.

It certainly would help to be able to see what they look like more clearly. There are some options that come to mind based on your description of what you tried. First idea would be to use SubD (an extension) to soften the general shapes.

As an idea, with SUbD


Wow, that was fast and looks amazing! It’s certainly much simpler than what I’ve been doing. This should already help me move forward, thanks @mihai.s!

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Subd is an amazing extension for modeling organic shapes, a must-have for anyone who does this sort of thing frequently. But please don’t be surprised that it (as well as similar ones such as Artisan) is not free.

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But it’s totally worth it, it has a free trial period and unlike Artisan, subd license is perpetual.

I recommend you to get also Vertex tools and Quadface tools, all those plug-ins are from thomthom, quadface tools is free, vertex tools is paid but offers a free trial period as well.

Just keep in mind that you must have quads to be able to use subd without having weird results, and all the faces must be well oriented.

Completely worth it. I have a licensed copy. I just prefer to make sure people realize that we are steering them toward something that is not free.