How to Make a Bird?

Could I have some advice for making a bird? Tips and instructions are welcome.

How about like this?

A few 2-point atcs and paint the faces.

A bird. That’s a pretty broad topic. Show us a picture of the sort of thing you want to model.

sorry should have been more clear like this

also thanks and credit where credit is due

In SketchUp Free you can use the basic tools to draw some profiles and stitch them together. Or you could start with a circle, use Push/Pull, Move, and Scale to adjust the shape. There are some extensions that can make this sort of thing easier but you would need a desktop version of SketchUp. The web versions don’t have any provision for extensions.

Screenshot (7)

sorry that is my app tab

Your profile and your screen shot indicates you are using SketchUp Free (web). Extensions don’t work with that version.

ah sorry bout that

No need to apologize.

would this version work? I am a primary school student.

I’m not sure if you would qualify for that version. My understanding is it’s for post-secondary students. Since you are a student and hobbyist you could use Sketchup 2017 Make which is available from and is free for non-commercial use.

yes my school uses it

sorry nm

Ok now we can get down to business my question remains the same but now I have better tools

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