Perspective looks strange after using matchphoto

Hi Lovelies,

I’ve used several matchphoto scenes to build the house in my landscape model.
Now I’ve deleted the scenes I used for plotting, but my perspective views now looks very strange - “too perspectivey” :laughing:??

Maybe it’s just the weird shape of this plot that’s messing with my eyes… or maybe someone else has had a similar issue and fixed it?

Attaching pictures, but it feels far worse when panning etc over the model - getting a bit seasick :nauseated_face:

any help would be appreciated - even if only to tell me I need my eyes checked.

Go to the ‘Camera’ drop down menu and click on Field of View. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to adjust the perspective. You can also type in a specific focal length in the Measurements box.

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Field was set at 90 degrees, and is now at 30 and I am feeling well again.
Many thanks

(sorry, replied to wrong string!)

Glad I could help.

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