Personal styles saving

Dear all,

I am using sketchup for more than 15 years now and know well this soft, a very good one and professional for design, architecture used, my activity.

I have a problem to save new styles I create. I always have the message “Erreur d’enregistrement du fichier de style. Impossible d’enregistrer le fichier.” ( Error saving the style file. Unable to save the file.) and try on different places, for exemple a simple one the desktop … but doesn’t work.

Any idea to solve this problem ?

Thank’s in advance,


on a mac you need to use ‘Icon View’ to ‘save’ , ‘List View’ gives that message…

are you on a mac?


hi john,

thank you for your answer ( i see late ).
I only know one way to save the style ( cf. screen capture ) and don’t understand/identify difference between ‘Icon View’ and ‘List View’
a little help please,

You want to click the little button I circle with my mouse and choose the thumbnail view, in French it is probably grande vignette or something like that. This should let you save.

Super ! so simple It works thank’s !!

and John now I understand difference between “list” and “icon” view lol aie aie my english :smile:

I assume this is planned to be fixed at some stage.
I just installed Sketchup 2016 and the error occurs when i try to save when in list view.

Will this be fixed ever ?

Hi, try to change presentation of the style window in sketchup on “list” view instead of icons. You should be able to save the style on that moment.

Sketchup 2020 and the issue is still here!
Is it serious to leave this kind of stupid bug going on for so long!

What problem are you having with saving styles?

Hello Dave,

Just the same as jbdk78 in Feb 2015!

The materials have to be on “list” view instead of icons to be able to save them on a mac.
If not, you get the message “Erreur d’enregistrement du fichier de style. Impossible d’enregistrer le fichier”.

So many problems with this 2020 version : display, lags, icons preview disappearing, crash when opening old projects… same as other users.

All this time spent in trying to find out solutions instead of working. Very frustrating!

List , Small Thumbnails and Large Thumbnails all work on my mac in v20…

but only if I have In Model selected first…



Are you still running macOS Yosemite as indicated in your profile? If so, it is likely there are issues between SketchUp 2020 and Yosemite. Trimble does not promise compatibility of the current version of SketchUp with obsolete versions of macOS (sorry, but Yosemite is 6 years and 5 versions behind!).

If you’ve updated to a newer version of macOS, please update your profile. Incorrect profile info can lead us down false paths while trying to help you!

You are right, I didn’t think of making the changes in the profile. Here is my configuration.

Sketchup Pro 2020
OS Mojave 10.14.6
iMac Pro / Intel Xeon W 3,2 Ghz / 32 Go DDR4 2666 Mhz / Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 Go

I tried again and this time it works!? It seems to me to be random such as the icon preview with the QuickLook generator issue.

I am working on a iMac, up to date OS, and I had this problem yesterday.

I still had the same error message and the same solution works. I knew about this, but since I don’t create new styles very often, I had forgotten the solution. I also would have thought this might be fixed by now.

I never use the thumbnail setting because the names only show up when I hover my cursor over the thumbnail and the thumbs mostly look alike.

It is not a big deal, and I am not a programer, but it seems like a thing that might not be too hard to fix. Not a priority I guess.