Personal styles saving


Dear all,

I am using sketchup for more than 15 years now and know well this soft, a very good one and professional for design, architecture used, my activity.

I have a problem to save new styles I create. I always have the message “Erreur d’enregistrement du fichier de style. Impossible d’enregistrer le fichier.” ( Error saving the style file. Unable to save the file.) and try on different places, for exemple a simple one the desktop … but doesn’t work.

Any idea to solve this problem ?

Thank’s in advance,



on a mac you need to use ‘Icon View’ to ‘save’ , ‘List View’ gives that message…

are you on a mac?



hi john,

thank you for your answer ( i see late ).
I only know one way to save the style ( cf. screen capture ) and don’t understand/identify difference between ‘Icon View’ and 'List View’
a little help please,


You want to click the little button I circle with my mouse and choose the thumbnail view, in French it is probably grande vignette or something like that. This should let you save.


Super ! so simple It works thank’s !!


and John now I understand difference between “list” and “icon” view lol aie aie my english :smile:


I assume this is planned to be fixed at some stage.
I just installed Sketchup 2016 and the error occurs when i try to save when in list view.

Will this be fixed ever ?


Hi, try to change presentation of the style window in sketchup on “list” view instead of icons. You should be able to save the style on that moment.