Permanently disable Collision-Detection



The only way I know to temporarily disable Collision-Detection is by pressing and holding “Alt” during Walk-with-the-camera tool. Is there a setting to permanently disable Collision-Detection?


I do not think so. (So moving this thread to the FR category.)

I do notice that you can press ALT after a collision, to get through the face, and then let up on the ALT key.


Yes, you are correct, you just need to get through the collision-potential and then release the “Alt” key. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know when you are completely through the c-p. While some may find CD useful, for my work it would be more convenient to be able to permanently disable the feature.


Good for you John, it’s not an issue for you; that’s your point? It may come as a surprise to you that other people do use the tool, apparently Trimble thought it was useful, that’s why they went to the trouble to include it. But, I’m glad it’s not a issue… FOR YOU!


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