Ability to Disable Snap to Axis

I’d like the ability to either disable axis snap or force endpoint snap. This could be a setting in the preferences menu or, perhaps more useful, holding down the Alt key whilst drawing.

When working with models which have elements close to, but not on, axis lines it is difficult to snap to an endpoint without zooming in really close. Having to do this time and again is tortuous and time consuming.
I am currently working on a historic building orientated to four different streets at four different angles with next to no parallel lines; one workaround I have been doing is temporarily changing the component axis to one that is not near to the lines I’m working with, but due to the complexity of this particular building, eventually I get to a part of the model where the axis clashes again and I have to change the axis.


Set up a series of Scenes, each of which saves only an appropriate Axes orientation.

See this demo model.
Axes and Scenes.skp (32.0 KB)


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I would like to second this feature request. While drawing along contour lines, axis snapping is not helpful in the least. Many other design-related programs offer the kind of alt-key functionality ArchiKit has suggested.

In line tool, pressing ⌘ toggles inferencing.

The feature requested by Archkit (as a keyboard toggle on/off, rather than a menu or dialogue box setting) would be a godsend to my workflow. Setting up a scene for a one-time action is not efficient.

Your profile says you are using SU2022. If that’s the case, the feature is already there with the Line tool. It was added in 2020 or 2021. I forget which. As the OP suggested, Alt on Windows is the modifier for that. You’ll see it indicated at the bottom left of the screen when you start moving the cursor after setting the first point.

Wow! I searched for ages online before posting but couldn’t find any info. Thanks Dave R. :grinning: