Performance drops due to large model

Here are my specs for my current PC:
Processor Intel® Core™ i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10GHz, 3101 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
16.00GB RAM
AMD R9-200 GPU

Ok, so i have this model i have been working on and its starting to slooow things down a bit. its right when i added the hydrangea plants in the scene, maybe that tipped the scales a bit. What can i do to make SU run somewhat smoother?

here is the file
house.skp (13.5 MB)

thank you

Remove the hydrangea plants?
Check Fredo portrait:

And the sage pages:

i was going to remove the plants as a test. I just didnt do it because i thought maybe they were the begining stages of the model being to big.

i will take a peek at this tool you speak of thanks:)

Or at least assign the plants layer to the plants and turn off the visibility while modeling. Setting the face style to Monochrome will also help improve performance by relieving the GPU or texture rendering work. That’ll also let you see the reversed faces you need to fix.

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You can also check out SketchUp Campus…specifically Course 7 of ‘Landscape & Site Design’ for some additional tips and workflows:

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ok, ill assign all foliage to their own layer and then turn off. I am on shaded with no textures right now and its somewhat better. Ill switch to mono chrome and see what happens.

Yup, it seems to be the plants causing the slow down. maybe a bad model from 3d wharehouse or something.

im browsing over it now. thanks for this

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Maybe bad. Maybe just overly detailed. That’s pretty common in the Warehouse.

1 Like - another lesson in that same track explaining a bit about how to spot and perhaps avoid those overly detailed models from 3D Warehouse. Good luck!

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very informative, thank you. Anyway to see the polygon count of an all ready made component in the file?

And when did start making these courses? they are awesome.

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Yes. You can do this in the component browser/panel.

  1. first make sure that you are showing only components ‘In Model’

  2. Then select (in the browser window, not the model) the component you want to check.

  3. Then click the ‘Statistics’ tab…make sure that ‘Expand’ button is checked as well as it counts nested groups/components.

And for fun, here is some bamboo in my model:

Also, I’m sure you’ve seen this but make sure to check the models polygon counts in 3D Warehouse before downloading. This one tree has 11 MILLION POLYGONS in it. Wow.

Lastly, there are sliders to the left after searching on 3D Warehouse that can help filter out stuff that’s too large for your needs:


Thanks for your feedback! And to answer this question, SketchUp Campus launched in Feb 2019 as part of the new subscription service. Our goal with SU Campus is to continue to expand the course offerings with both fundamental and more advanced industry-specific workflows. We’re in the middle of a robust track on working with CAD files as we speak with plans to launch in the Fall.

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my plant has 9000 edges and 4000 faces. Thats alot for an object that size. Thats probably why, when i hid them, as suggested, my model runs really smooth now. The lynda course didnt tell me that haha

That doesn’t sound too high unless you have multiples in your model. As a rule of thumb, it’s always good to have higher geometry assets on a layer, or layers, that can then be turned off when not needed and saved as a scene. I usually have a ‘working’ scene with layers and styles optimized and a ‘render’ or ‘presentation’ scene that has all the goodies like shadows, etc showing.

Not to keep plugging my course, I do cover that as well in the last course:

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hmmm, i only have three, but when they are on, the model just chugs. as soon as the layer they are on is off, the model is fine.

thats cool about the scenes. I kind of do the same. I have one named DEFAULT, which is where all my modeling happens, then one named FINAL or something to that matter, that allows me to kind of get a rough idea of the final piece. I will be making scenes shortly for different views, cuts and styles for layout.

Ill check out your guide. Ive been watching some of the landscaping one haha. its pretty good so far.

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