Peninsula Beach Resort - Shared Model

Hey Tribe
My name is David Muir, and I’m starting this thread to share a sketchup model i’ve been working on for a couple years to see if anyone wanted to either share components i could add, advice i could use, or even just download the model to pick it apart for pieces y’all might wanna use!


It’s a pretty giant model, so i can add individual buildings to the folder also when i’m not too busy…

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This is a humongous model.

There are a lot of faces that should be reversed.

There are superposed faces that are Z-fighting.

You should use more components since I see many elements that are all separate edges and faces.

See this SU file to see what I mean.

Elevated house.skp (5.3 MB)

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Yeah… this is the first thing I’ve done with sketchup, believe it or not. I’m sure there are lots of places i could improve on the model

Some of the windows may look reversed because i only have one surface for the window pane, and so one side or the other will be looking at the back. I’ll be moving these models into unreal engine for a final render eventually, so adding a second pane would be a good idea.

How did you go about doing this inspection for setting which sides are reversed? That’s cool!

I used Monochrome Rendering Mode. Of course, the back face color is quite different from the front face color. I saw that yours is quite similar to mine so the bluish color is for the back face while the light grey or withish color is for the front face color. These colors can be set in the Style Window.

Also, you can use Wireframe Rendering Mode to lighten the burden on the graphic card. This allows for more fluid Orbit, Pan and Zoom with this very big model.

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