My First Speed Modelling in Sketchup!



Hi Guys!

I was able to create my first Sketchup speed built modeling. I would love to know what you guys think.



I watched the whole thing, and like it a lot, including the music. It’s the kind of thing that Trimble ought to promote

I did wonder if the top of your fence had reversed faces. Also, I don’t think I would ever have dark brick wall!


Thanks Colin!
I actually used a dark metal texture on the fences, perhaps it matched the same default color of the reverse face. And the reason for the dark brick wall was to create a material contrast with the white window trim. Could go in many directions when it comes to materials :).


Looked really good and how long have you been using the program ? Wish I could do it that fast LMAO !


Actually, I take it back. I did leave some reverse faces and just painted over, which is something i should correct first. :smile:


Thank you Lynne. You can do it too heheh.
I have been using Sketchup for Years (since version 8), but got really into it from 2013 version and i love it. :smile:


Totally agree, i have been considering mac over windows lately. windows is too open and very vulnerable.


WRONG haha my password is like long and not based on any thing was random keys pushed by me long ago includes weird things in it
I have to run as root to get all the things that may come in OH yeah fire wall is one way . . but so far just the windows stuff has problems . . When running windows long ago I got attacked by Chinese hackers did a IP search


I am Starting to enjoy making these :slight_smile: I hope I am Getting better with each one, Comments please


Very cool! Happy to finally see a speed build video with someone who uses groups and measurements!

I enjoy watching others model. Thanks for sharing.

Most of these types of videos I have seen are modeled so sloppily I can’t handle watching them.

Keep it up!


Hahah, Thank You, I am glad you enjoyed it. To be honest,sketch Up as so much more than just a line and extrude tool. Not to brag, but because i work in the industry its difficult to ignore measurements :wink: