Surfer Motel and RV Park

This is my first time placing anything in the gallery. This is a surfer Motel and Rv Park that will be constructed next year. I modeled everything in sketchup. I took just a couple models from the warehouse but everything else I did myself. I was only able to upload two renders. I can upload more if necessary. Let me know if anyone has any feedback. I am always open to suggestions. A design is never complete until it is built.

Workflow consists of AutoCad-LandFx export- SKETCHUP :smile: and Lumion.


My God, these look like clips straight out of Grand Theft Auto V!

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Thank you very much. It would be sweet to hook this scene up to a video game console and play a few missions. haha.

Wait a minute, I just noticed your name is β€œTrevor”…

Trevor Phillips!??!?


Nope my name is not Trevor Philips haha.