Pegs for rounded holes - Fredo6 plugin

I have used Fredo6’s rounded corner plugin to create holes with rounded top edges. I also have created a peg to go into the hole. How can I get the inverse rounded edge on the peg bottom to fit the contour of the round top edge hole?

Peg in Hole.skp (175.1 KB)

What kind of a fit do you want from the peg? Press fit, sloppy fit? If you want it to be a press fit, I’d use geometry you’ve drawn for the hole to make the peg.

I made a copy of the block with the hole in it and erased all but the round over into the hole. Next, i used the Line tool to trace a an edge segment both on the top as well as on the bottom to create faces. Then Push/Pull to the required distance followed by softening edges that should be softened. Also make sure to correct face orientation. I inverted the peg so you can see its underside.

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I’m not sure what you mean by press fit. I’d like the bottom edge of the peg to fit flush in the rounded hole.

I edited my previous post. See the screen shot. Is that what you want?

Yes, but I will have to read and think about what you did to figure out how to do it. LOL


One thing you need to develop a habit for is dragging out the radius of circles so they are on axis. Yours wasn’t which shifts things around. Here’s the way it looks in your model.

Here I’ve fixed it.

And with everything straightened out, a nice press fit pin and a hole to receive it.

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Ok, I was just putting an example together, but good information. I will try. New at this.

I figured it was just an example but even when you’re doing that sort of thing, be kind of AR about your set up because it impacts how things will go as you continue along. As you learn to use SketchUp, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t doing things that create more work for yourself later.

Right, which I’d do if I knew what to do. :slight_smile: So, the circle being off was probably due to the view that I was on when I drew it and pulled it?

I guess a hole isn’t a hole unless it’s a hole? :slight_smile:

Well, it could look that way but no matter which view you had, if you were dragging out a radius on axis, it would have been either red or green in this case.

Sounds like you been readin’ ol’ Dan’l Webster. :smiley:

Don’t know Dan’l Webster, so nope. I think I have everything except the smoothing. How and why do you do that? I also have difficulty with the lines remaining after pulling out the peg. If I erase the line, it erases two faces.

Ignore me, I just watched a smoothing video… Doh! answered both of my questions… LOL

Select all of the geometry by triple clicking on it with the Select tool, right click on it and choose Soften/Smooth. Also correct the faces orientation as I directed before. Select all of the geometry of the peg as above, right click and choose Reverse Faces. You want white faces out, not blue.

You should select and delete the face skinning the hole (it shows blue in your latest screen shot) and before you let the peg touch the block, make sure you make each one a group or component. Otherwise they’ll stick together and you won’t be able to get them apart.

Ol’ Dan’l Webster wrote a thick book he called the Dictionary. I think most kids in the recent past might have only used one as a booster seat when they were small. :wink:

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I guess I’m too old. We just called it Webster’s, I think I have one hangin around here in a trash pile somewhere. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help. I think I have it. I just need to put it in my actual model.

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