Curved edge on box. FFS I can't do it ..follow me tool?

I’ve looked at tutorials, and tried and tried…but can’t get a curved edge on a box

Square box that fits over the base unit. Plan to make corner holes in the base and solid tubes in the corners of the top cover with central holes to screw the base to the the top.

I have rounded the corners of the base and now I want to make matching vertical round edges to match the base…which I have done with push pull from the top. But it is getting the top edges rounded all the way that is stumping me.

box base taller.skp (375.5 KB)

Can any one enlighten me please. See attached skp file

What I am try9gi to build for printing is a box like this…but roundedrather than the sharp corners and edges.

OK, for my own reference i n case I forget…I finally found a good tutorial that easily shows how the tool works…I was using it wrong.

Ahhh but now the vertical !!arrgggh . another day down the drain trying to get this to work, could have carved the bloody box in wood by now :frowning:

Two things, you need to aware of Scale, your model is small enough that you will get some failures when using follow me and other complex editing.
Secondly, follow me is problematic when it comes to 3 corners joining. This is a case where Fedo6’s plugin, Round Corner comes into play.
Here’s a little gif showing round corner plus how you can use components to avoid tiny face issues.

Using the method shown by Box using Fredo’s Round Corner and the Dave Method on your model leaves this:

thanks guys…the Plugins …yes…I have done it thanks to you suggesting the Plugin…took a bit …but got there.
i used just the Fedo corners plugin and did not scan and it seemed to work…model showing all solid :slight_smile:
box base taller.skp (629.3 KB)

Added holes for feet . just going to try adding the corner ‘towers’ in the box top now for the screws to go it not.

This is all for an enclosure to hold a battery tab spot welder to make / repair 18650 and similar battery packs.

This is designed to hang off a car battery terminal ‘lug’. I did not like the idea of the PCB just hanging in space being pulled on by the welding cable…so fitting in a box with thick cables running in to it.

Spot welder board

Just a note about your box, it looks like you might want a flat edge to make the joint work.
This is a quick option for making a a curve edged box with a flat top edge.


That is a neat way.

But I think that my box , rounded with the Fredo tool does have a flat base, but that method of yours looks very slick.

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