PDF vector export - object shading bug with some transformations

In the scene we have an object filled with a simple grey color + sunlight enabled.

Now if we export to PDF (or LayOut vector pdf) we have the same picture like the Sketchup screen.

But if we apply a simple transformation like “Skew” (manually with FredoScale or with Eneroth Axonometric), the faces visually altered by the transformations are not well rendered to PDF.

On the screen it is all ok… Even if I try to export to JPG is perferct.

But exporting an object with applied transformation other than rotate or scale, to vector PDF cause unexpected rendering problems.

Tryed disabling GPU, no chance.

I noted that for the faces transformed, the sunlight is applied but the face color in the PDF depends on the camera position (like if the sunlight is disabled).

We have Sketchup Pro 16.1.1449 64-bit with Windows 10.
It’s very important to us to render in vector our objects using the Eneroth Axonometric Plugin (that uses simple skew transformations) to emulate a “cavalier” projection

Are there any SketchUp developer? Please Help!

Can you provide the skp with the transformation?
Does this happen with any model on this system?


Thankyou for your fast reply

Yes every component, model etc.

Here the file with 3 simple cubes.
The first with no transformations
The second with only a rotation
The third (with problems) with only the skew in this case applied with FredoScale (but the same happen with Eneroth Axonometric).
I’m a programmer, I read the plugin, Eneroth only applies a transform matrix to a group.

cubes.skp (163.8 KB)

The scene (1)

The scene (2)

The scene (3)

LayOut (but the same with direct export to PDF)

Raster + sun

Vector + sun

Another view - raster + sun

Vector + sun:
note that the top face of skewed cube is lighter than the same face on the other vector view.
That means that the vector render of a transformed object depends on the view even if sunlight is enabled

The last 2 – with NO sun


hope for solution, we have to export to vector PDF over 1000 components drown in Sketchup!

And the problem is even worse with a model composed by multiple groups, since the shading is not continuous between groups.

I dont exactly know why or how you see texture problem but I found a few quick fixes.

  1. Simply explode the transformed group/component.

  2. Enter into the group and change the axis location. You can see the visual correction as the axis returns to the standard 90deg/right angle. See the gif below.


It works!

To replicate the problem, you can appy a skew transform to a group… It’s not a “my” problem, or a problem in this scene, the last cube is only the first cube copied and skewed.

So Sketchup, after a skew transform applied to a group, is rotating the group axes, while they should remain in the original position, otherwise the face color is determined by a wrong axes orientation + face orientation.

Now we can proceed for our work, but please note that is not “our problem” but an inconsistency that you may not have seen before because nobody use skew (we need a plugin for this…)


I found that I can easily explode the group, then remake it, so the new group axes are not rotated!



It seems that a skew applied to a group transforms every groups inside that… each axis is rotated!

So I need to explode everything but for a 80 MB sketchup file we have to wait hours to complete!

Is there a plugin or an API method to do exactly what you do in the GIF above?
We need to copy the default model axes to each group, recursively

I read that axes were not exposed by the Ruby API… any news?