PDF Printing from Sketch up

The latest upgrade from Sketchup removed the ability to print high-definition PDF’s from Sketch-up and it now must go through Layout. When I sent into support their comment was to send in a request to get a feature which was part of Sketch up back. Seems odd that their programmers could spend the time to change all the icons in the latest upgrade and remove a feature like high-definition printing. Their comment was it was crashing the program, which seem to be a programmer issue. Rather than spending time on icons, I think they need to spend time on the printing from SketchUp directly. I design labs and communication with the faculty requires me to do multiple versions of the drawing and quickly print in PDF to give them a visual of the issue. Having to change programs, upload the latest view, print doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’re doing in 8-10 time a day it adds up.

Please work out the issue to print PDF direct. While you’re working on this please include right click mouse to include cut, copy, place and paste in place. Many times, I need to pull object from components or groups and insert in or on a different layer or group.

According to some sketchup team members it was causing some errors that feature on windows.

Build a SKP and LO template with scenes and pages keyed to each other. Sending to LayOut and then exporting all views of your model on however many pages you need for your scenes (you can even add annotations, dimensions, etc) will take you less time (once setup) than me typing this response on my phone.

Regarding copy / past / paste in place - setup a shortcut for paste in place. There is no need to right click. CTRL C and then switch to your other drawing or open your component and then shortcut for Paste in Place.

I read that many people were experiencing crashes due to memory overflow at high resolutions. It seems they decided to fix it this way. Hopefully, it’s temporary.

I have the same problem.
I have to print around 200 pages and I do not want to open Layout every time to do this. My office does not work with high end or extremely powerful computers and never had any issues with printing or crashing due to printing.

I agree completely, instead of making new icons make the printing system an option. I have to keep using 2022 for efficiency now…

The latest update changed the overlay rendering from active to inactive, you can find it on the file/document configuration window there go to rendering, the box used to be ticked on the previous update by default but its not anymore. What it does is convert all the viewports from raster to hybrid or vectors, that causes the program to crash if it runs out of memory or it could take a lot longer with big files