PDF exported from LAYOUT corrupted when imported into other software(CORELDRAW2023)

Hello, when exporting the files from layout as PDF I am able to open it up is Adobe Acrobat, but whenever I try to import into the design software(CORELDRAW2023) my company uses it only pops up with “File is Corrupt”. It will import all other PDFs we have and only pops up with the corrupt message from PDFs exported specifically from LAYOUT. Is it a problem with the export or the import?

Can you share a LayOut file and a PDF that displays this problem? Have you tried to open the PDF in other illustration software than Coreldraw? Inkscape is a free one you could try (just to make sure the file doesn’t have something that Corel is especially allergic about). It might also be about the size or complexity. You might also try running the file through the optimizing function in Acrobat or other ODF editor before trying to edit it.

Freedom Energy Initial Draft.layout (5.9 MB)
Freedom Energy Initial Draft.pdf (4.0 MB)
These are the most recent files I have. I was able to import it into Illustrator just fine and ran it through the generic optimisation in acrobat with no budge, still receiving File is Corrupted messages when importing into Corel. I am fairly new to Sketchup as our Company just implemented it about 5-6 months ago so I might be unaware if I am doing anything to cause the issue, but I don’t see anything that would.

I was able to open the PDF in Illustrator CS5, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, Acrobat Professional CS5 and PDF XChange Editor (I seem to be a software hoarder) with no problems so I would incline to put the blame on Corel. Corel is the illustration package that I don’t have…
I wouldn’t even say that the file is overly complex as there are no things like stacked viewports etc. What is choking Corel might be the amount of small lines. The only thing to reduce that would be to use Raster instead of Hybrid rendering in the SketchUp viewports, but that might make the kind of postprocessing you were planning to do not possible.
Yet one dumb question: Are you storing the file “in the cloud” instead of in a local folder?

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We have a hardwired Network so no cloud and I had figured it was probably a Corel issue with the small hope it might not have been, but thank you for helping me on this end.

Open in Acrobat. Export or print as PDF. See if it then opens in Corel.