PDF export not working in LO 2016... help!

I was working on a small, three page shop drawing project. It refuses to export in PDF format.
The message I get is, “There was a problem exporting to this file.” Help!

Had you already made a PDF export of the file and was it still open? If so, either close the existing PDF or rename the file before exporting the new one.

No export file was created.

Where are you attempting to save the PDF file to?

To my job folder on the C drive… where I’ve done so for years. I don’t think I’m doing anything different than I have before.

Could you share the LayOut file? I can try exporting it to see what I get. If you don’t want to share it publicly, you can send it via private message.

Sure… how should I share it?

If you want to send it by private message, click on my name at the top of this post and choose Message. In the row of buttons above the text window, click on the 7th button from the left. That’s the Upload button. It should be self-explanatory from there.

I’m not seeing “message” in your profile…

You don’t see the blue button labeled Message?

I do not… everything but that.

I just sent you a private message. Did you get it? Can you reply to it?

Just did.