Pattern Origin inLayOut

Hi There!
I’m having some trouble finding a way to edit the pattern origin in Layout.
I know that the origin stands on the first point of the pattern area but could i stablish another point to edit the pagination?

Thanks a lot.

Can you upload an example LayOut file that shows what you are trying to do?

It’s simple.
I need to move the sight piont of the pattern to the corner of the bathroom.

Thanks a lot!

How about uploading the LO file? If I wanted a quick and easy way to do what I think you want, I would edit the pattern in an imaged editor to put the intersection of the black lines at the corner of the image.

THanks DaveR! That’s an option!!

Mihai.s that’s what I’ve been trying to do!
But when we redefine the origin in this way, can we choose which point will be the origin? Or does it happen automatically?
Have you choose the point?

Just what I looked at and I gave you that answer. ‘Reset’ was automatically.
I will have to study a little more to see if the program also offers the possibility of editing in more detail.

Thanks a lot, i appreciate it!