Deleting custom pattern fill in Layout

I’ve been playing with custom pattern fills and have imported several into the pattern fill library as .png files. However, after revising a pattern and re-importing it, the old pattern remains. It doesn’t update. I then have to import the file with a new name. The old patterns that I’ve reworked are still in the library and I can’t figure out how to completely delete them (or update with the new pattern). Any help? Thanks.

LayOut will cache a version of the pattern fill the first time you import it under a particular name. If you then change the content, you’ll need to let LayOut know that it has changed. Go to File->Document Setup->References, select the pattern fill image in the reference list, and click the “Update” button. This will trigger LayOut to reload that image from the original location instead of continuing to use the cached version.


Thanks, Marc. I also found that if I do all of my experimentation in a
folder (“Pattern Fills”) that I import into Layout patterns, I can then
continue to update the files in that folder and hit the refresh button.


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