Patterns with transparency

I want to know how to create a pattern fill in LayOut that is transparent. I noticed that the patterns that come with the program, or at least some are transparent. When I import new ones at .png files they are not transparent. Can someone tell me how to get that to happen?

Also, where are the pattern files stored in LayOut. If I could see the files that are native to LayOut, I might be able figure it out.

Do the PNGs you’re importing have a transparent background?

Good question. maybe not. Is that the trick?

In LayOut Preferences folders on my Mac the address is
/applications/Sketchup 2017/
but I cannot figure out how to get there. Can you help?

R-Click on LayOut in Finder >> Show Package Contents…


Well, yeah. If the background in the PNG isn’t transparent, it won’t show as transparent when you apply it in LO.

I have some work to do deleting the backgrounds in a group of patterns, but that is what photoshop is for. Is there a way to simplify or automate the process to make the patterns transparent?

I did find the Pattern Fills

If the background is all one color, you should be able to select it and delete it or replace it with a totally transparent color. has a ‘magic wand’ which I use for this type of thing…

if I had a batch I would use ‘Graphics Converter’ or just write some code…


Thank you both for your help today.

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