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You’d think there would at least be a native key command for it, something like Ctrl+Alt+V to go along with Ctrl+V. In fact, having just learned about assigning keyboard shortcuts in this very thread, CAV is exactly what I’ve set paste-in-place to.

Now I just need to come up with shortcuts for Un/Hide.

Using Windows Powertoys Keyboard Manager works…

U and Ctrl U are hide and unhide all. Need to have the item selected. Not sure if these are defaults or shortcuts I added.

The logic of Paste putting the object on your cursor is correct, it follows the norms of paste in general. You paste things where the cursor is. But I also feel the norm in 3d use should be Paste in Place as the cursor isn’t in a fixed place like in Word for example. If you could preselect the place to paste perhaps, but you can’t.

No default keyboard shortcuts here.
Good idea, though.

No reason you couldn’t make your own keyboard shortcuts for those three options.

There aren’t enough keys on the keyboard to have shortcuts for everytthing. I like that I can choose the ones I want shortcuts for. I have shortcuts for six of the nine Flip Along commands. I never use the other three so there’s no point in tying up keyboard shortcuts for them.


I’m surprised more people are not aware or using keyboard shortcuts. I think for me it comes from using AutoCAD back in the DOS days when left handed shortcuts made drawing faster. between the shortcuts and a good Calcomp digitizer you never moved your hands from the keyboard or the puck!

The convention everywhere else is to use Command-Shift-V, to paste in place. When I get tired of selecting Edit/Paste in Place, that is the shortcut I set up.

How would people feel if I pushed for that to be a built in shortcut?

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Personally, I use the “V” key as my shortcut for past in place.

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Indeed, ctrl+maj+v is the common shortcut that I have seen in other cao softwares, and I did assign it to Sketchup too.
Assigning it as a default shortcut will always be better than none! :slight_smile:

It’s always worked for me on Mac to use Shift-V for paste in place. Exactly opposite of CAD settings I have but I got used to different strokes in different SW.

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