Parts of model gone after export to 3DS file

When I export a model from Sketchup I’m finding that the exported 3DS file ends up having some of its walls missing. Has anyone else encountered this issue? How can I resolve it?
So far, I have imported the file in a fireworks design software (Visual Show Director). Suspecting the fireworks design software, I tried opening the 3DS file in Autodesk Viewer and I’m still getting the same issue. Now I suspect my own export. Thoughts anyone?

This is a screen shot of the original model.

could you share your model ?

I suspect the missing parts have reversed faces. reversed faces tend not to export well.

I think it’s going to be what ateliernab said. Most 3D programs improve performance by only showing the front faces. In SketchUp, go to View/Face Style/ and choose Monochrome. That will quickly show up where you have faces reversed.

Hi ateliernab

Thank you for responding. I realized that my model has some privileged information that I may not be able to share. However, I opened up a new model and imported the same castle found in the 3D Warehouse. It has the same issue when exported.

Hi Colin,

I’m a little new to Sketchup and I’m working with the web version of Sketchup. Where can I find the View menu on the web version?

The link that you shared doesn’t lead to the model.

The model in 3D Warehouse does have a lot of faces reversed.

Disney castle

I posted a comment to tell the author that. You could set the face style to monochrome and go into almost every component and group, and reverse the faces. Hopefully the model’s author will do that too.

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