Parts list like in inventor?

Hello everyone! I was asked to search a way to achieve this result:


This is a parts list from inventor, i make modular structures with our library of components, i ussuali use generate report, but what is needed now would be like mixed with Layout, is there a way to insert the report in Layout?
Is there a way NOT MANNUALLY, but more “automatically” to number all the parts?

You could use the Report Generator to create a report in CSV format listing information about the components in the model. This can then be inserted into LayOut. If you add the numbers as attributes for the components, you can then use the Label tool to add the numbers with the leaders. A pre-formatted label with the circle could be made as a scrapbook item that can be pulled into the document.

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Is a very interesting way to go, i have inserted in each “tube” (thats what we use in general) the attribute lenght, would be a way to label that attribute instead of the name of the component? i have not used layout so much

Yes. You could add the Length as an attribute in Dynamic Components and use that to add a Length field to your report.

Yes, i know, im doing it, what i am trying to say if cai i use the label to take the lenght information like those numbers of the image

Yes, you can do that in LayOut if you’ve created a text field to show the length in the Component Options window for Dynamic Components.

It would be nice if SU had more user definable attributes for groups and components with out having to create a Dynamic Component. In Architectural applications it would automate creating schedules and tables. Also it could make reports easier. The ability to export to csv is a step in the right direction but could be better. If user definable attributes could be used as auto text there would be less need for an export then reimport. Ive only messed with the current capability a little but soon decided it was easier to do things manually.

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Here’s a quickie example. The numbers are added to the components in the Description field. The labels then show the component description. The table is created from the CSV file from Report Generator. I edited the the column heads, sorted by the numbers in the left column, and applied the same font as I used for the labels.

There are some for components. No reason that Price has to be a price, or URL has to be a url but it would be nice if the could be renamed in SketchUp. Using DCs to add user-defined fields and those can be used as auto text in LayOut.

I do use those attributes. I think there are five available attributes, then any in a dynamic component. I guess all i was saying is it could be better and improve the ability for material take offs and schedules within a layout file and not have to pull a report or export then bring it back to a table. It seems to me thats a direction where Sketchup is headed. Maybe all we need to do is ask!

The Opencutlist plugin and his draw tool can help you to do the job.

amazing! how did you made those circles with the number in it? the final disposition was made in Layout ?

I’m guessing Dave drew a circle in LayOut (or has a scrapbook item to use) and then added a text field with the number.


One way to do it is as @bmike described. As an experiment, in that example I edited the leader to end in a ring which was made large enough to encompass the the test. I also moved the end of the leader so it is in the middle of the text box instead of the side. I only had to do this setup for one label which I then copied to make the rest. The text is auto text using the component description.

Either way the label once setup could be saved in a scrapbook or could just be saved to the side of the page in your template.

The entire thing was done with SketchUp, LayOut, and a spreadsheet editor like Excel. The latter for adjusting the csv file from the Report Generator. You could insert the csv file directly from the Report Generator but rearranging the rows would be more work than doing it in Excel.

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I made this plugin in order to improve BIM models and my drawings in Layout
SketchUp Ifc Utilities

Only by classifying my components I can label a lot of information in layout

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Amazing guys, i have to take a few days to test all these options and i will let you know how it comes out, thank you so much!

Added detail of what Dave referenced using the circle end arrow style.


FWIW, I took a few minutes and replaced the labels doing them the way @bmike described.

A benefit of this option is the labels could have different shapes. Not limited to terminal shapes in the Shape Style selection. Also you could add colored fill to the circles or change their edge color without changing the label leader.


This is how I assign Labels as well. Its very powerful because you assign the attribute one time yet it will be correct over an entire drawing set. It makes re ordering easy or you can pick other data off the component.

Food for thought. A few scrap book Items


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