Parking at Boot/Basecamp 2018 for NON guests at the resort



Since I’m not staying at the JW Marriott Palm Desert, I was concerned about parking fees (should I drive to/from the event) and bike racks/locking opportunities (should I ride my bike), so I just called the resort!

Here’s the details:

Daily auto self parking (outside) will be complementary for conference attendees. If you want to park overnight, you’ll need to let the valet staff know of a hotel guest who can be contacted in case of problems (they mentioned specifically headlights left on). Valet parking is available, but not cheap nor complementary.

If by chance you bike there as I hope to do most days - heat permitting, you can check your bike with the bell desk - it will be kept in a closet indoors. Just let them know you’re a conference participant.

Where are you staying for 3D Basecamp?

Well, that’s nice. Then for your end of the day ride, at least the bike won’t be roasting hot to start with.


Thank you @sjdorst Good to know.
I’ve been contemplating a rental scooter for local expeditions.