Ladies: Looking for a female hotel roommate at Basecamp 2016?

Hello ladies!

This can be a thread for any ladies looking for a female roommate to help split the costs. If we all chat with each other here in the next few months, maybe as the time approaches we’ll all find a good roommate fit!

I like meeting fellow SketchUp enthusiasts, and it’s always good to save money, so I’m open to the idea of splitting a hotel room. I’m looking for a woman who won’t bring any men into the room, and who will be neat and tidy. I am sociable during the day, but I like quiet time in the evening and first thing in the morning. I prefer that the TV be off or low within a few hours before bedtime. If I watch a video on my laptop or listen to music, I’ll put on headphones so it won’t disturb my roommate. I don’t smoke or wear perfume, and I am quiet when others are sleeping. I am friendly and open, but unobtrusive, and I’d really like to find someone with those same traits to be a roommate.

Hello, I plan on attending both Bootcamp and Basecamp. I’m also open to having a roommate at well. I’m a non-smoker, neat and tidy and sociable. I enjoy company but I can also keep to myself in the evenings.

Hi Michelle, nice to meet you. Are you thinking of staying at the hotel where the event is?

Hello, I haven’t decided for sure. I live in Colorado and have a friend that has a timeshare in Steamboat so she has given me a few other hotels to check on that might be less expensive. They aren’t accepting reservations yet so that’s why I’m not sure. What are your thoughts?


Slightly off topic as I have a room already , but Im planning to hire a car from Denver on the 9th, going back on the 15th, and looking for someone - pref female - to share the costs/company , either one or both ways. I’m happy to drive but would be good to have a navigator!

Hi girls,

I’m travelling from Australia to Steamboat for the Bootcamp course and Basecamp. It will be my first time in America - I am beyond excited :smiley: ! I have a room booked at the Steamboat Grand for the 10th - 15th. I am open to sharing the room as there is a spare queen bed.

I’m trying to work out the best way to get to Steamboat from LAX (have not booked any flights yet). At this stage is looks like there is a shared shuttle available from Denver to Steamboat but only private vehicles (too expensive) on the way back.

@Kate1 I would be very interested in sharing the cost with you on the way back to Denver on the 15th. Maybe I could book an extra night at the hotel on the 9th and travel with you on the way there too.

Some more info about me:
24 years old
Working for a small Interior design company in Sydney
Going to the Sketchup course to learn more skills to apply at work and meet other people who share the love of Sketchup :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m planning to attend Bootcamp and looking to be in Steamboat Springs the 10th-12th. I have yet to pick out accommodations as I’m still weighing my options and crunching numbers. @Lauren if you are looking to split the cost of your room for those 3 days let me know!

More info about me:
28 years old from New Orleans
Working as a barista and freelance 3D renderer
Hoping to expand my SketchUp knowledge and learn new rendering tricks since I’m mostly trained in Revit
Would love to meet new people while I’m there!

Hey Ashley,
I’d be happy to share with you for those dates. It cost me $140USD a night - worked out a lot cheaper than the Sheraton and is only a 2minute walk away.

@Ashleigh and @Lauren Ladies it is best to trade email addresses via a private message or at least broken up or with the word dot in them.
In open forum they can be picked up by spambots and the fewer of those that get you the better.
If you both have the addresses I’d suggest you edit your posts and remove them.

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Thanks @Box ! Will delete my comment. @Ashleigh I have saved your email, I will be in touch :blush:

Ditto! Thanks @Box I have done the same :grinning:

Hi ladies.

I’m really excited to be coming to Boot & Basecamps.

Just booked 2 Queen beds from 10th to 16th at the Sheraton (venue).

Would love a roommate… must be willing to go Fragrance-Free as I’m quite allergic to it

Room w/ all taxes etc is $149 nite… 50% is $74.50 :slight_smile:

Hi Gale,

Do you still need a roommate? I also plan on attending both events. I live in Colorado so I wasn’t planning on coming up until Saturday morning. Would you still be interested in a roommate starting Saturday night?

Hi Michelle……

sounds great. we should talk directly. give you my office number (it’s listed all over the place anyway) and you can call and leave your number or email or …….

7 27 7711 47 9

Hi Gale,

Great, I’ll call and leave my info and we can chat. Thanks!

Hi Lauren,
sorry, hadn’t looked at this for ages but that would be great - let me know if you decide to arrive sooner. My flights arrive on the 9th at 15.35 and leave again on the 15th at 17.30. I’m at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort. I haven’t booked a car yet but I think it’s around 200 dollars all in so around 50 dollars each each way plus petrol.
Im an architect running a small practice with my husband in the UK and I’m really looking forward to the training bit as I think I’ve taught myself all kinds of bad habits!
Plenty of time to sort out arrangements anyway!

Hi Kate,
I ended up booking the shuttle bus to and from steamboat but thankyou anyway!

Agree about picking up bad habits in sketchup - I’m sure I could be using it more efficiently. See you at the course :blush:

Hi, I am late addition to the Ladies Looking for Roommate. My name is Donna and I will be going for all days Boot/BaseCamp. I am quiet, like to have my time (it’s a break from my kiddos and spouse :wink:) I also am curious and I like to chat it up and socialize with others. That being said, I am looking to see if all the ladies in conversation are matched up or is there anyone looking/needing roommate?
I have my own vehicle and will be leaving on the 10th from Denver. I am willing to split cost for fuel and drive whomever up as well. If you need ride from airport or pickup I am willing to help.
If you’re interested or have any further questions, please let me know.
email is Best way to contact me.

Hi ladies,

So after creating this thread, I was asked to be a trainer at Bootcamp and Basecamp, and my room is all arranged! I’ll be teaching the Beginner and Intermediate training sessions.

I might be looking to share rides, I’m not sure yet. I haven’t made my flights.

I’m 35 and a SketchUp Trainer, currently based out of sunny Florida.

I came across this post and I too will be attending the camp for the complete duration. I am a 24 year old architect from Chandigarh who is currently setting up a Makerspace here in India, If you would like to share accomodation and travel costs, do let me know. Looking forward !!