Parallel Projection and Perspective Status Display Question

First time poster so hope I am in the correct category. Many thanks to the participants in this forum with their generosity in time and knowledge. It is always an informative read.

I have set up my keyboard and programmable mouse with a shortcut to toggle between Parallel Projection and Perspective modes. Works well, however there is no notification displayed (top left corner) as when Two Point Perspective or Standard Views (iso exception) are selected. If axes are active, it is evident but my tired eyes like to work with less clutter. It would be helpful if when a toggle is activated, the status would be shown. Is there a setting I have missed? I have searched and could find no reference to this.

There’s no setting for this I’m afraid. The best idea I can come up with is to have the axes shown. I personally find the axes quite helpful to navigate in the model and to know what directions SU will snap to.

Like @eneroth3 I like to have the axes displayed. And most of the time I prefere perspective mode.
This resembles my surrounding best.
Don’t forget that all the standard views can be in either perspective or parallel mode. They don’t change the current display mode.

You may want to make a feature request to have some sort of flag (as a toggling button) like the ‘Terrain’ button. Although this is a special button about visibility of two distinct layers.

Thank you both for your responses and confirmation that I hadn’t missed anything obvious. It’s a slight annoyance but have found SketchUp enjoyable and useful in many ways. Wish it had been available years ago.

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It was. I was using v5 back in 2006 - that’s the oldest saved model I can find quickly. Used to use AutoCad, and can’t now remember how I managed at all!

I’m just sorry you hadn’t heard of it then.

Isn’t there a misunderstanding between @Gramps and you @john_mcclenahan about SketchUp vs its arrow key locks being available?

Don’t know - I thought that @Gramps was wishing that SU had been available years ago, not that using the arrow keys locked the axes. But you are quite right, I may have misunderstood him.

My first exposure was SketchUp 6. To clarify, when I say “years ago” I mean like 40. sigh…

Eheu fugaces - indeed. I started self-taught CAD drawing for our local amateur theatre using DesignCad (horrible) and 2D TurboCad possibly 25 or even 30 years ago (late 1980s/early 1990s anyway) - having previously only had some 2D hand drafting training as an engineering apprentice in the early 1960s.

Well, I don’t think I could even have imagined 3D computer modelling in any form in my apprentice days. I did see a demo of AutoCad v2.4 I think it was, and was impressed - not sure when that was, but not later than mid-80s when I changed jobs.

I started with that in 1986. SketchUp was at version 3 (in 2003, I think) when I discovered it.


I studied Latin for a couple of years but had to look that one up, John. As stated previously, this forum is informative. My first digital CAD was on a Commodore 64.

@john_mcclenahan and @Anssi Thanks for sharing your modelling/drafting history. I come from the hobbyist side so never could afford AutoCAD. For the Commodore 64 it was a package called CADPAK-64 and still have the mini 3 ring binder manual. Some things are best left in the past.

If I understand you correctly I am aware of using the arrow keys for locking direction. Thanks again.