New command/toolbar?


Has anyone come up with a toggle to help quick change your view from Perspective to Parallel? I think it would be a helpful button.

Any thoughts here???


I don’t think there is a button for doing the job, but you could go into preferences and set a shortcut key. Given that ‘p’ would usually do push/pull, I tried with ‘i’ and shift-‘i’. My thinking was that parallel projection is a bit like isometric. Switching between the two works well.


Was just trying it again, and the shift key is ignored when you type. Which means you can set i and shift-i as the two keys, but you only have to press i to toggle between the two.


Like Colin says, set up a keyboard shortcut.

See … Assigning keyboard shortcuts (Mac OS X) — SketchUp Help

I assigned Camera > Parallel Projection to the = key because of it’s ‘parallel’ appearance.
The single shortcut toggles between Perspective and Parallel Projection

Camera Menu - Windows OS


For Mac users: the menus do not show user-assigned shortcut keys the way Geo’s screenshot indicates. They only show the application-assigned shortcuts (generally command key chords).


Interesting that selecting parallel projection when it’s already selected is the same as selecting perspective, and vice versa. I thought it was working because I had assigned i and shift-i.