Orthographic Views


I know this must have been requested before…
When I click on one of the standard views - top, front, right, etc. - can we have an option to automatically switch to parallel projection? Thanks.


You could set up a keyboard shortcut to switch to Parallel Projection. That way users aren’t forced to have Parallel Projection when they don’t want it.


Thanks Dave.

To be clear, it is a request for an option in the preferences for this behavior. Although unsaid, it should switch back to Perspective when selecting the Iso view.

The real workaround is have a custom template that has scenes of the standard views, which is fine. I just do not see a routine use of orthographic views with perspective.


That’s funny. Most of the views I create from my models are perspective views. Since most people see the world in perspective, it seems reasonable to create images in perspective views.


It would be possible to create a plugin for this but I have to admit I don’t see why. Setting the camera position and projection are two different things. Sometimes you want to do both at the same time but other times not. Instead of cluttering the menus and toolbars with menu items and buttons that just do combinations of what other menu items and buttons already do, why not just press the existing ones multiple times? If a piano had a key for each possible chord, imagine how many keys it would need.

I agree with Dave that shortcuts is the best way to go. Using one shortcut for e.g. left view and then immediately another for parallel projection will also be faster than it would be to use the mouse to click a single button that does both.


I respect your opinion but what I am asking is not without precedent. Maya, 3D Studio and well almost all other 3D software use parallel projection for the orthographic views. Its just a normal thing.

The ‘why’ is to model accurately from imported 2d plans, elevations, sections, etc.



[quote=“jrazzarelli, post:6, topic:34896”]
… almost all other 3D software use parallel projection for the orthographic views. Its just a normal thing.[/quote]
Some people do also work with one point perspective. What you are asking is just one key (combination) away. If I’m not mistaken, by default [Shift] + [P] toggles between ‘Parallel Projection’ and ‘Perspective’. But you can alter that to be just one key.
Another extra setting in preferences for such a simple option may not make it.

(SketchUp is powerful, yet simple. I hope it stays that way.)


Ok well I did not mean to offend anyone.
My feature request is just that - a request.