Where to find View selection

Hi. Just returning to SU after some years. Where can I find the view selection commands, specifically:
1). Ortho and Perspective toggle
2). Plan, Side, Iso etc button.


Which version are you using? Desktop 2021, or the Free Web version, which doesn’t have a year number (it’s continually updated)?

If the Free Web version, use the right hand side menu and pick Scenes, then Perspective or Parallel view (icons in the left of the Scenes panel), and top, left, side, etc. view from the nine offered in the right part of the Scenes panel:

You can also use (as I did) the Search box on the top of the left side menu and type the name of the command or option you want to set. That will find it - I searched for Parallel, and when I selected the result, it told me to look in the Scenes panel (on the right toolbar).

In the Desktop 2021 version you choose Perspective or Parallel project from the Camera menu:
and the View from Camera/Standard views
or from a Standard Views toolbar which you can optionally add to the top toolbar on Mac. Not sure how you get it on Windows but it’s available there.

There are default shortcuts on Mac for the seven different standard views - Cmnd+ a number 1-7.