Camera Type Toolbar

Has anyone comeuppance with or seen a toolbar/ruby that allows us to modify the camera with a single click from Parallel Projection to Perspective?

I think it would be very beneficial to have this instead of having to go to the command bar every time and clicking multiple times to get it done.


How about just assigning a keyboard shortcut?

Depending on what version you are using, it can be done on desktop versions. Your profile doesn’t state your version right now…

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You can just make a single shortcut-key to toggle between the two camera settings.
If it’s parallel it then becomes perspective: if it’s perspective then it becomes parallel…
I have Alt+P set up for myself…

I use scenes. My workflow for most architectural (not meaning that I am an architect - as I am not) work, is to create all plan views, elevations etc in parallel with corresponding perspective scenes at each subsequent view. ie: Scene 1/ Floor plan - parallel, scene 2/ Floor plan - perspective, scene 3/ Elevation A - parallel, etc, etc. I zoom to match each set and label the scenes, so it becomes easy to navigate and also port into LayOut.