Locking Zoom when switching between Parallel Projection and Perspective!

Is there a way to do that? Because I find myself adjusting the zoom very frequently when switching between the 2 modes! It would be very helpful if I can lock the zoom in such case.

Thanks for your feedback.
However creating scenes still does solve the zoom problem! Also it will not be very practical since I want to toggle Perspective/Parallel Projection on the fly while also panning around other objects, otherwise I will be creating endless scenes!

I always work in Perspective mode but sometimes when I want to check something, say the alignments of 2 objects or faces, it is much easier to check that in Parallel Projection mode and maybe do any fine adjustments in that mode before returning back to Perspective mode. What drives me crazy is that the zoom level keeps changing when toggling bothe modes.

It will be very useful if it is possible to lock the zoom when toggling the 2 modes. If not possible, then maybe the developers should consider adding in future update.