Parallel lines won't form face


I have a simple 2d floor plan with all lines (I think all on the X or Y axis). There are numerous areas that will not form a face. If I transect the area where I think the face should have formed, I can progressively fill in the area with triangular faces (as if some of the lines were not on the same plane). However, when I delete the lines (not hide, but select and delete) the face remains. Any thoughts?


If you share the SketchUp file we can easily tell you what the problem is. The first thing I’d do if I was looking at it though, is set the units to millimeters and the precision as high as it would go. Then I’d use the Leader text tool to set labels at the endpoints of the edges to see what their Z-coordinates are to check for planarity.


floor plan.skp (121.8 KB)

First off, huge thanks for taking the time to help.
In the attached model, if you draw a diagonal line from A to B, a face appears
in the upper half of the rectangle (above the arrow). Now undo, and start over.
Delete the two small marks at the bottom right that rectangle (I was using them to denote a door).
Now redraw the diagonal and the entire rectangle has a face. And if you delete the diagonal, the face remains. Thoughts?


Without looking at your model, from your description I would say the ‘two small marks’ are the issue. Faces can fail to form if you have tiny stray edges poking into the space where you expect a face to form.


These small edges can exist but they can create problems, here you see I cut them, form the face and paste in place to get them back. You don’t need a diagonal when things are planar, so drawing in the diagonal forms the face when the little edges are gone, but so does drawing along an edge.
If you want these little Door markers, I’d make them a component so you can drop them in anywhere with affecting the geometry.


Awesome help. Thanks very much. may I ask what software you used to record your demo?