Don't create face

Hi guys, I am new there. I just started too creating some projects, but I have a problem… When I finished my “layout” the face didn’t created. I posted here my project. Please help :slight_smile:

Sorry for my English, I am a czech guy.

The corners of your shape are not all at the same z height. Some are at 0, some are at 1 mm, and some are at 0.53mm. Since the points are not in the same plane, SketchUp can not create a Face using them. Try redrawing using guidelines and inference more carefully.


To illustrate @slbaumgartner’s point, here are most of your corner points labeled with their x,y,z coordinates (default leader text for a point). You can see how there are three values for ‘z’.

This is a problem with basic drawing technique–I suspect you are rushing the inference engine. You must watch for inferencing feedback before you click the mouse every single time to ensure your points stay on axis.


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It is a little easier to keep things planar if you start by drawing a rectangle that is large enough to hold your whole model, with a generous margin, and use that as a “tracing paper”.