Paint fast deeply nested geometry

Is there a method to instantly paint etities within groups, within another groups etc?
I tried Fredo Thru Paint but I think it doesn’t manage multiple grups at once. I have lots of groups nested in one huge parent group and would like to paint it entirely with one material, as quick as possible, not having to enter each group one by one.
The groups already have a material applied so it’ll be surely impossible with SU native tools. I know it’s normally impossible to override material as one has been already applied to geometry. But maybe a plugin?


Try playing around with the Outliner Panel. You can make individual selections by ‘cmd’ clicking on the groups you want to paint, and then hopefully drop the paint bucket on all of them for the desired effect.

You can undo previous material setting by re-applying the ‘default’ material (Colors In Model menu). . . and sometimes that works simply with a select all command, and other times not. I can’t recall where it falls short at the moment.

also, making a sacrificial group has been a past trick which has worked on occasion.

maybe Color by layers might be an option of some value.

It would be pretty nice to be able to apply textures, (and possibly other transforms) directly onto items listed in the outliner panel… as a future feature request.

Thru paint should do it, at least to all connected geometry in a group. If you want to paint multiple groups with one click, it cannot.

making a sacrificial group?

Sorry, that’s not an official term exactly.

It’s just how I think about a temporary group which I’ll make just before doing something. and then it’s deleted right afterwards.

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