Paint Bucket Tool – not activating materials menu

Clicking on the Paint Bucket tool no longer opens the materials pallet in SU 2016. I have to open that separately as a 2nd step.

In SU 2015 the materials pallet would open automatically every time I activated the Paint Bucket Tool.

I wouldn’t imagine this action would be removed on purpose for the 2016 release.

Is this a wide ranging issue that others are experiencing, or it it just on my computer?

I still have 2015 installed on my computer, and I went back to double check how things worked with that release… and It’s still working as I described above.

And repeated test with 2016 consistently don’t open the materials menu.

… at least that’s my experience so far – and Resetting the Workspace doesn’t fix the problem.

Is this happening across the board for everybody, or possibly platform specific, or is it more isolated than that?

I’m using OS X 10.10.5 with SU 2016 trial installed. and of course my licensed copy of 2015 still installed.

Thanks for the quick Feedback @denisroy.

That’s looking like good news on the Windows side.

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it still works if set in Pref’s…



That’s Perfect, John !!

less the part where I managed to overlook the obvious. But, that box is now checked in my prefs, and all is working out very well.

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That seems a great solution for some, but my version of 2016 Pro does not have the options that yours has, and still my paint bucket is not working… Where to now? - any ideas would be much appreciated

Hi again,
I got the bucket working via the Default Tray, but it is slower than it used to be in 2015 Pro. - so not ideal.

Have you tried to remove the materials from the default tray and make a new tray just for the materials? It might be a a bit less slow.

The paint bucket materials dialog box does not work on my 2016 with W10. It does work with 2015. Neither one has the preferences box that includes a paint setting.

The trays work, but I would like to have a box that I could place on another screen. I want as much drawing space as I can get.

Is 2016 worth upgrading to?

You can place the tray on another screen if you want. There are other options as well.

My opinion is that SU2016 is definitely worth upgrading to.

I’d say so… But the main thing is that you have the ability to download the trial and run it side by side with your current version. That should clear up any mysteries about the new release.

There are some significant changes which effect the behavior of how SketchUp works. most of this is centered on the reworking of the inference system… in this respect there a few things you’ll need to get used to because it handles just a little bit differently.

So, if you do download the trail – definitely go and look at the discussion on this forum which talk about the new inference system. That’s the one thing which will have a decent impact on what you’re already used to now.

how did u do that?? , i also want material tray in which all material like water, window, doors, roof etc, could come.

Hi Ashish
Just go to the ‘WINDOW’ tab
First option down-select 'default tray’
You can either pin or auto hide the options.
All you want is in there and you can even add your own