Paint bucket issue

hmm i trying to design a table top and the paint bucket goes from edge to edge of the whole layer. i have drawn the lines i want tiles to fit in but i cant find and have no clue what is going on…i am new on this program i usaully use paint shop pro and want to try this and looks good but this issue is thru out my project and on all fills, i do know how to change size but that is not my problem…my tiles aRE 305 X 305 (Went thru all the effort doing the grid.) tabletop is 2135 x 1220 (this is what i had to set tile size too. if i could upload the file i would

Screenshot by Lightshot a snapshot of what i having trouble with

Thanx for reading and hoping the help

Hello, I may not be able to help with re-sizing the tiles as I am just learning that also, and what caught my attention. Scrolling through these helps give insight and references to future or current problems. The little up arrow will let you upload your file or image to share.

I just started making seam-less tiles with Photoshop and your post will help me also. I am playing with wood grains and have the same issue with table tops. I tried to edit it from the Materials Browser but I am missing something … I just need to do it over and over a few times to get it to stick in my head.
Hang tight as answers will follow and the file upload not that crucial for this issue but for future ones a big help. this may help also…Peace…

thanx for the upload tip…i was looking for it and missed it

It seems you assume SketchUp’s Layer System works like some raster image editing application.
It doesn’t. Delete whatever layers you’ve created thereby reassigning all entities back to the Default Layer 0

Use the Position Texture tool to scale and align your material images.
Simply right context click on a face > Texture > Position

Position Texture Tool — SketchUp Help

Each face (separated by edges in SketchUp) takes its own texture. Tiles divided by edges may be painted by the same material/texture but they are still separated. Changing the texture in size through the face’s ‘Entity Info’ (vertical+horizontal when linked / or vertical separated from horizontal when unchained, see Entity Info > Surface > vertical \ horizontal option) changes the scale for the applied textures. Not for the material in the ‘Material’ browser (‘Paint Bucket’).

In your image I see wide and narrow white tiles. Is this intended to be?

p.s. you can right click on a painted face > select ‘Texture’ > Position > and manipulete texture per face ( rotate/scale or distort or move or scale/shear) This is yet another way to get your texture scaled per ace. Independent of the texture size in the material browser.

You need to elaborate on what exactly is your problem with the tiles and texturing them.

thank you for the information…this will taake time to get use to and make a wall of tiles to bigger walls

Geo has put some good info on this…and if we take paint shop and apply here it wont work. but if you stitch enough tile picutes together in paint shop might be easier to work on the design we with it, i understand it now, ask if you get lost and maybe we can help each other

the lines in the white tile are not attended…i trying the texture tool and will look at the enity you have said…thanx for the reply, very new to here and working knowledge is with graphics programs more than this but all info is helping to fix these issues i have