Paint bucket - change orientation of wood grain

I painted a stair step with a bamboo wood, the step has a rounded edge. I needed to rotated 90 degrees the wood texture to have the grain along the 3’ stair width but it seems to me that because of this rounded edge, I couldn’t see the texture option when right clicking the painted surface.
Is there any way to do it?
Thank you.

You need show the hidden edges because this option showing up only with a selected face.

As anme says, turn on hidden geometry in the view menu so you can select a single face. Then you should get the option Texture>Position in the Context menu when you right click on a single face. Of course you also need to have applied the material to the faces in the first place. If you applied the material to the component/group wrapper, you won’t get the option no matter what.

Thank you all!!!
Yes I had hidden geometry. But what I did before I got your answers was to
eliminate the round edge of the step and then easily change the direction
of the wood grain and after that I rounded the edge. However as a learning
curve, now I know about the hidden geometry. Thank you again.