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Hi everybody,

I’m running into trouble with my model if I want to import it into DiaLux. You might not know this program but I made a model of a parking garage in SketchUp and need to design a lighting plan in DiaLux. To do this, I have to export my model as 3ds file and import it into this program. When I import it, it cannot read all of the textures and so half of my model is completely black. This is of course totally useless but I have found the problem but don’t know how to fix it.

When I select my entire model (Ctrl+A) and want to paint my entire model the same color, it only changes for half the model. So somehow the select all tool is not selecting all, even though on the screen it shows it does. Anyone know what my problem exactly is and more important how I can fix it. I have spent a lot of time into my model and dont want to redo the entire garage.

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If you look at your model in Monochrome mode, are all the faces white.
If you are seeing blue/gray faces where things aren’t being painted it means you have reversed faces.
You need the front faces facing out.


And could you tell me if there is a quick way to fix all these things or do I have to replace every face one at a time?


It depends on your model and how you constructed it.
First thing to try is to Right Click on a white face a select Orient Faces. You may be lucky.


Thanks, the Orient Faces worked with a lot of faces but some of them didnt work but I guess I’ll have to flip them one by one


So right click on the remaining blue faces and choose Reverse Faces. You can select multiple blue faces and reverse them in one go, too.


Yeah Ok, but there is no ‘wonder button’ to auto fix all of it


No. There are many cases where the correct orientation of the faces isn’t all that clear cut and requires user input. Orient Faces is as close as SketchUp has.

The best thing is to stay on top of face orientation and correct reversed faces when the occur. This will save you piles of work later. That’s part of clean modeling. Allowing sloppy modeling techniques creates more work for you later.


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