Paid for SKetchUP Extensions (add-ons)


To all,

Is there a list somewhere showing the costs of paid for SU Pro Extensions, i.e. from highest to lowest etc.
Or a place you can filter a list from costs, say highest to lowest. Equally most popular by sales numbers.

Anyone know what the highest priced Extension currently is.??

Also, what is the consensus of paid for Extensions, should they be never more than the price of SketchUp in the first place.??

Or is it acnowledged that software add-ons should be based on a percentage of the parent software.??

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The price is entirely up to you to set - based what you think makes sense for your income stream.

The range of extensions vary a lot. For instance, there are render engine extensions that cost more than SketchUp. Some times software use other licensed components which itself is part of setting the price.

There’s really no hard rule here.

I’d suggest you focus on extensions that is similar to what you produce. But ultimately, it’s your costs vs how much you need to pay for your expenses.




I forgot about the Rendering Extensions & their noted pricing.
I was more thinking about Extensions that you’d use physically within SU to assist & or create drawn items.


maybe tgi3d’s photoscan?
it costs a thousand dollars.


Pricey, but just seen the videos…it’s black magic, :open_mouth: , that’s why…?..


i think it’s that expensive simply because the developer chose to price it as such. (probably more to it than that as they know how much time/knowledge they put into it and have placed a monetary value on their effort… their mindset may be more of a professional programmer as opposed to more of a hobby mindset?)

i suppose it offers unique capabilities which could also be a factor in its price.

that said, there are a lot of free or cheap extensions which are no simple feat and require complex algorithms etc in order to function…

i suppose a high price point could (should) also be accompanied by professional support so maybe tgi3d offers such with their software? (not sure… i’ve never used it)

really, it’s just down to what the writer wants to charge and/or how much they think it’s worth or how much they think people are willing to pay.

outside of sketchup world, other 3D modeling software which has plugin abilities – you’ll generally see much higher price tags for a plugin than you’ll see with sketchup… in many situations, the plugin will cost more than the software.