Paid $349 for Pro License and was never provided a Key, Serial number or anything ... Just a bill on email!

I have both a Paid SketchUp Pro License and Free License listed under my account and it causes me trouble. The desktop app only wants to detect that I have a Free License. This also affects the 3D Warehouse because it don’t recognize that I have paid for SketchUp. I need trimble to delete the listing for the free SketchUp and that would solve my problem and delima. Whenever I try to get Trimble to understand this it always falls on dead ears.

If you have a both a listing for a paid subscription of SketchUp and a free version of SketchUp the desktop app will get confused and not detect your paid subscription. This is what happend to me. I can get anyone from Trimble to recognize this issue so they can fix it.

We have support staff in Europe, and also in Colorado. That means the support hours would have ended already by the time you signed into the forum. It’s unfortunate that you had a problem on a Friday afternoon, as a worse case that would mean not hearing from our Support until Monday morning.

I do check the forum over the weekend though, and although I don’t work in Support I do have access to some of the account details. From those I can see that the problem is what Box said. You have a subscription, but it isn’t assigned to anyone yet.

To fix that, sign into this page:

You may see two accounts, one with only your initial and last name, and one with your full name. The Pro subscription is in the full name account. Choose Members on the left of the page, then follow the steps in this article:

After you have made sure you are listed in Members, and set the product access, you can then sign in within SketchUp and see that your subscription expires on September 7th 2024.

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You actually have the same problem as @a.alhagi. The same steps I gave will fix things for you as well.

The Pro subscription shows up for you in the account page because you are admin for the account. As the subscription is not yet assigned to anyone, that’s why 3D Warehouse sees you as still having a Free entitlement. No need to remove that from the account, once your Pro subscription is assigned it will take priority over the Free entitlement.

In your case you may also see two accounts, one being your email address and the other is your company name. The Pro subscription is under the company name account.

I have only one account shown. If I could deselect the free version it would solve all my troubles. That was part of my problem a little over a year ago it wouldn’t let me deselect (uncheck) the free version.

I am able to access SketchUp Pro. I am going to check the 3D warehouse and see if it detects my paid SketchUp.

Sketchup free comes with your sketchup account, I don’t think it can be deleted.