Own Pace SketchUp Tutorials for 2014 user

I am not able to run the own pace tutorials available (at least the ones I have tried so far) as they require a newer version of SU than the newest that my computer can run.
As I am using an old laptop with Vista, I can only run 2014 and not the later versions that are a minimum requirement. I have completed the 4 videos on the main website and am keen to progress.
Can somebody direct me to some basic tutorials please?


There is a SketchUp channel on YouTube, which has more instructional videos than you can shake a stick at.


Thanks @Gully_Foyle.
Yes already subscribed to the SU channel.
Am I correct in assuming the “own pace” tutorials are interactive, however?


You might have mentioned that.

I was under the impression that all the stuff on YouTube are videos, although, yes, I believe that’s the terminology used for an interactive .skp-based tutorial.

Here’s another source of instructional offerings to consider: SketchUp Sage: Educational Resources