Need the next round of training after basics


Sorry if I have posted to wrong area. I have gone thru the basics, Where would i go for more instructions beyond the basics.

I have SU pro 2015.


Jack G


I’m not sure what you mean by “the basics.” Is that your designation or Trimble’s?

No matter; there are lots of training resources available. These include:

Learning SketchUp (a Trimble product)
How can I best learn how to use SketchUp?
The YouTube SketchUp Channel
The SketchUp Sage: Educational Resources

Come here to ask specific questions when you get stuck or need an infusion of SU philosophy.



Thanks Gully, I truly appreciate you taking your time to help me.

Jack G


Hello and just a tid-bit to add if selecting “Learning Sketch Up” it offers self-paced tutorials in the 3D Warehouse as one of the options. If you select it the page will show an ERROR 404 message. Click on the red 3D Warehouse word anyway. It will bring up the 3D Warehouse page and type Self-paced or just Tutorials, it will load bunches of helpful topics to pick. But type each way and you will see that the selections vary and cover just about anything you could think of…Peace…