Outliner has red text[Uploading: Red Outliner.png…]()

RH Hexagon 3.skp (201.5 KB)
Why has the text in my Outliner suddenly turned red? At the same time, I made a group & it disappeared.

Peter Enns

It’s because you have typed something in the search bar.

The red entries are the objects that have an e in their names.


What search bar? I don’t see any search bar.

After you answered my question, I tried making a new model. It still had red text & objects do NOT show up.


Screenshot - 4_8_2024 , 3_12_58 PM

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the one that looks like a search bar with the universal symbol for search and the lettre e in it

Capture d’écran 2024-04-08 à 22.12.47

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Thank you Dave. I removed the “e” and all problems disappeared.