Items in Outliner no longer displayed

I was busy tidying up my file and seem to have lost all bar 1 items in Outliner. Can’t seem to be able to get my list back. Any ideas? Thanks

Post the model so we can figure it out.

This is what I see in Outliner in your file.

Try closing and restarting SketchUp.

Thank you Dave did that and everything is back. The gremlin is back again!

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Thank you. 'Twas a Gremlin.

Good deal. Remember to purge the unused stuff from your file once in a while. This is what was unused.
Screenshot - 1_8_2024 , 10_28_15 AM

David Lodge Timber frame design purged.skp (292.5 KB)

I was busy doing the housekeeping and would have got there before stopping today. Thanks

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that, or you accidentally typed something like a space or two in the search bar of the outliner.

this is the same file, after pressing space twice in the search bar

Capture d’écran 2024-01-08 à 18.19.14

Capture d’écran 2024-01-08 à 18.19.21

(I’ve been there. a few times. that’s how I know :smiley: )

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Thanks quite likely. My keyboard needs replacing and I have developed the habit of hitting the keys too hard!