Outlets at basecamp

Will there be outlets available while attending presentations at basecamp?
I am in a bit of a panic. In preparing for basecamp next week I pulled out my old laptop (2017 Mac book air) which I don’t use very often. I just realized the battery life does not last an hour.
The computer seems to work fine while plugged in. During the presentations will I be able to have my computer plugged in or should I buy a new laptop? I really don’t want to buy a new laptop but I also don’t want to regret having an unusable laptop at Basecamp. I’m also bringing my new iPad Pro.

Every Bootcamp classroom will be set up with tables that have a power strip on them. You should be able to stay plugged in during all classes!

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Thank you! You just saved me about $1,200.

Also keep in mind that Apple offers a 14-day return policy which should cover the duration of the conference. :wink:


That is definitely an option. There is an Apple store in Vancouver close to basecamp. If my computer doesn’t work I can walk over and buy a new laptop. I do know if I get a new laptop I won’t want to return it.

Don’t get too excited, you don’t know what you’ll be charged for electricity yet.
(Just kidding, of course!)